Welcome to the Summer of Joy!

Finding Joy

Finding Joy in the Strangest Places

The Bible book of Philippians is actually a letter about finding joy. Interestingly enough, the author penned this letter while in prison, chained to a guard.

Although we have many things for which to be joyful, life often has a way of stealing our joy. Still, we try all kinds of ways to find joy in our lives; like accumulating wealth, acquiring possessions, taking vacations or looking for joy through other people. Yet, none of these provides lasting joy.

Join us beginning June 26 for this series as we study the book of Philippians in hopes of finding joy in the strangest places.

Fathers' Day - Becoming the Father God Designed You to Be

Have you ever noticed how for Mother’s Day all the family attends church together? But dad’s gift for Father’s Day is a day off from church. It seems strange, given all the evidence of a father’s impact on the family, that dad's example to that same family is that one of the greatest gifts in life is a day off from worshiping God.

Join us this Father’s Day as we examine how dads, with God as their model, can become the fathers that God designed them to be.