New Series: If It Is Possible... begins July 12

Romans 12:18

The most important things in life are not things; they’re people.

When Jesus was asked what’s the most important "thing" about life, his response had to do with relationships: Love God and love all people.

Romans 12:18 tells us to be at peace with everyone if it is at all possible. Yet almost everything in this current life seems to distance us from our neighbor rather than draw us together.

Join us as we examine some very practical steps towards building bridges with our neighbors as we strive to be at peace with all people.

New series begins May 3: I Am

I Am

Wants and needs. We all have them and we often have difficulty deciphering which are which, or at least admitting the obvious.

Sometimes, even more damaging to our lives than mislabeling our wants and needs, is how we choose to fill these wants and needs. Good news! The Bible teaches that we can actually have all our needs met in a safe and reliable manner.

Join us as we discover how God both desires and possesses the ability to meet our every need, even the deepest ones.