About us

Fully Alive Community Church is really a special group of people. Most of the time, when people think of a church, they're thinking about a building with long benches, maybe some stained glass, and some long-winded preacher standing up in front judging everyone. Well, this isn't that kind of church!

As a matter of fact, this church was started by people who wanted desperately to get away from that sort of thing. We had read in the Bible about the way churches used to be: people getting together and experiencing Community; people genuinely taking care of each other; and the breaking down of racial prejudices, economic barriers, and social hatreds.

The first church was this awesome place to be, where people could come and be real. They could ask questions without fear of being ridiculed or judged. They could progress on their Spiritual Journey at their own pace. People didn't practice religion out of duty, they fell passionately in love with God, and that made the relationships with each other all the more sweet! Fully Alive is striving to be that kind of church!

At Fully Alive, you will find real people who face struggles and triumphs together; people who don't have all the answers, but are seeking them from God on a daily basis. You will find support and unconditional love. There is laughter here, sometimes sadness, but most of all, there is always wonder and awe at what God is doing.

Come and check out what Fully Alive is all about - even better, come and be a part of it! We don't sit on benches and there is no stained glass. Our teachers will do their best not to be too long-winded, and we'll promise you there's no judging or condemnation here! What we have here is Biblically Functioning Community. Come discover what it feels like.